Praying for His will

As I ponder on the way I used to pray, I realised that I previously had a very self-centered and selfish approach to it. The way I communicated with God, and the way I did things were done to make me look like a good and moral person; someone who was "Godly". I remember the days that my prayers consisted of constant requests to the Lord, asking for my personal needs and desires of the flesh to be met. I was always asking for my will to be done; I wanted everything to go in the path that I wanted, and trying to make my dreams come true and my vision for the future to come into existence.

Day after day, I presented myself to God, asking for answers to prayers that only served my purpose and that would make be look like a better person. However after a lot of trial and error, I realised through the conviction of the Holy spirit that my prayers were selfish and inefficient. The reason for this is because i saw God as some sort of "vending machine" where I entered the "currency of prayer" and expected the result that I requested. I thought that if I prayed for what I desired, and hoped for an answer; my supposed faith in God will be rewarded. However, I had it all wrong.

The requests I was constantly presenting before God were not being answered because my true intention was to glorify my will and my needs, but not what God truly wanted to do in my life. He wanted to change my heart and impact my life, but all I wanted was not for HIS will to be done, but mine.

I was asking God to answer my requests not because I wanted Him to be glorified in my life, but to get all the glory for myself, and to look great in front of other. It was like I was subliminally saying " I want to show off that I have a God that does whatever I say".

But we have to keep one primary thought in our lives. There is nothing wrong with bringing your requests unto God, but what I'm saying is that we should check the motives of our prayers and our requests to God.

Let us not make our relationship with God all about us, because that's when we miss the point. Once we give our lives to Christ it's the other way around. God is not a Genie in a bottle that we can rub and  grants our wishes. Let us come to God with reverence and with a focus of letting Him do HIS will in OUR lives.

Once you give your all to the saviour Jesus Christ, the life you live is no longer your own, it belongs to Jesus. Or motives should not be to show our greatness to the world, but to show how great God is in our lives by doing what glorifies Him, not us.

Therefore, when we pray, let us not pray with selfish intentions and requests, but with the request that God is glorified through us in our lives.


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