The Lighthouse Project #1: Cap-haitien, Haiti

From the 21st of February to the 3rd of March, I had the opportunity to launch our first philanthropic project in association with Trinity Baptist church, which is based in Croydon. I and one of my spiritual mentors (evangelist Kwame Adzam) left the United Kingdom with excitement, anticipation and zeal. We left the country with a heart full of the fire of the Holy Spirit and high expectations ready for whatever God had in store in the beautiful country of Haiti.
And God didn't disappoint. From the moment we landed in the country, we were blessed with the opportunity. Although hurdles came in our way, it seemed like God just swept them out of the way! Firstly, the hotel we booked was a total scam (you should have seen the pool!) And was utterly disgusting.
However, God guided us to another hotel which was great! And that was just one of the many great ways that God moved. From the first Sunday service that we had to the last outreach event, we did in the country. It was amazing to see God move in such a powerful way. 
But one of the many things I left Haiti with was an understanding. An understanding that this world is filled with the beautiful creation of God and the splendour of God's grace can be seen everywhere. That the power of God moves whenever, and wherever he wants; regardless of their background or situation.
Another thing that I observed from the people I was regularly worshipping with was also that they showed me something special: being grateful.
In Haiti, I met hundreds and hundreds of people that had almost next to nothing, but they have more joy than anyone I've ever seen before. What I learned from that is that all we need in life is the touch of God to keep us moving and breathing every day, and he will take care of those who have a resilient and unwavering faith in Him.
But one thing that stayed with me till this day is the need for God in the world, which of course includes Haiti. Although there are so many people who love God, there are A LOT of people who have not had the privilege of seeing and experiencing the redemptive power of Jesus Christ our Lord.
So I'll conclude this blog with a simple thought that we can all ponder upon...
"If you have a passion to see the world change for the better, will you stay idle, or will you act and be a catalyst for change?"
God bless you,
Dwight van Kan.

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