What is your purpose?

What is your purpose in the life you are living on this earth?

Is it to be defined by societal standards and cultural adherence? Through reaching a level of social class or position in your life that you feel contempt with?

Many of us have lived our lives in pursuit of finding our purpose through our hobbies, jobs, career choices or even relationships.

We live in a world where materialism and physical attainment is connected to success: where having an abundance of things and possessions are interlinked with a definitive way of differentiating between those who have purpose (in society's perspective) and those who have not.

We say to ourselves; “only if I get this job, or I attain this thing I'm longing for I would be complete.'' For some, it's a juxtaposition and they say “I have everything I need, but I can't seem to figure out my true purpose in life.”

The issue with this worldly perception of success is that it distorts how we all see the role of purpose within our lives. We see purpose as achieving the objective of gaining a life in which we feel comfortable with, and a life that gives us joy and a sense of fulfillment.

This world defines purpose as living a life of  materialism, centred around our own selfish desires  due to our need to fit within a place that was not made for us to fit into.

You see, our purpose in life is not to get wealthy, or to be respected by everyone in our social groups, or to be honoured among great men and women. It is not for people to see the great things that we have or can accomplish. But our lives are designed to praise and worship the creator of the universe; God Almighty.

Every human being is born with an innate desire to find their purpose. We all have a hunger to find the paths we must take and the purpose as to why we are living. That innate desire comes from a need to know what our true reason for living is, and that is to have a complete and unadulterated relationship with God, our heavenly father.

It is written in Ephesians 2:10 "we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

We are created and made to give glory to God, through serving Jesus, and making him Lord over your life. God has a purpose that He has specifically tailored for you. As it says in the verse, our true source on purpose on this earth is to be free from all moral conviction and past sins.

Our true purpose in life is to be free, in Christ, full of peace and joy. For our purpose is not to reach a certain level in life or achieve enlightenment; but to live our lives according to God's word and letting Christ shine through us.

Therefore, the purpose of every human being is not found in a thing or achievement, but is found in Jesus Christ, who gave himself up as a sacrifice, by taking the burden of sin and exchanging it for our freedom. Freedom from the pressures and immoral demands of this world. Freedom from guilt and the shame of our mistakes; past present and future.

Jesus is the compass that directs us to our true purpose in life. This is done when we neglect our ego and selfish desires, embrace God's unconditional love for you, surrender to Christ by confessing Him as your Lord, and worshipping God with your life and actions.

The compass of purpose

God's purpose for your life is not centered around finding the reason for our gifts, skills and talents, but how we apply them to the world. Basically, God's purpose for all people is to live a life that shows God lives in us and works through us in whatever we do.

Whether it is our career choices, our decisions or even those toxic habits that no one knows about, Jesus is calling, and knocking at your door so He can show you that there is more to life than this earth.

Don't wait for life to pass you by to find your purpose; for you never know what tomorrow brings. I pray that you make Jesus Lord of your life, and discover your purpose in God through giving up selfish desires and to live a purpose-driven life that is good and pleasing unto God.

God bless you,


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